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Custom Designed Treat Tables

Dessert Displays

. . . fun ways to display your desserts

Full   Service 

A beautifully arranged dessert table to wow your guests. Little Star Concepts wants to design a dessert table just for you! Each layout is designed with your vision in mind!

Treat Tables


Full Service Dessert Table Includes

1 Consultation, Full Design, Table, Display Stands, Jars, Trays, Risers, Serving Tools, Tablecloth, Props, Delivery, Setup and Breakdown.

 (All items used to create treat tables are rental ONLY)

Little  Star

Feeds up to 20 people

2 dessert options (1 dozen each)

2 candy options (1lb each)

Shining  Star

Feeds up to 20-50 people

3 dessert options (2 dozen each)

3 candy options (1lb each)

Sadity  Star

Feeds up to 20-50 people

3 dessert options (2 dozen each)

3 candy options (1lb each)

Scrumptous  Star

Feeds up to 75-100 people

5 dessert options (2 dozen each)

5 candy options (1lb each)

Custom   Designed

Treat Tables

No Treats Available with this option

Display your decadent treats with a beautiful treat table display. Your most special desserts and dishes will shine with a Star Display,  that is uniquely designed, specialized to your color or theme,  with desserts or dishes of your choice from your own vendor. You bring the treats and we'll style your table!

Some Available Themes:

Baby Elephant

Arabian Nights


Playboy Bunny


Mr Onederful

Alice in Onederland

What Will It Bee

Mad Hatter


Teddy Bear

Three Rex

and Many More

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